Canadian Association for Health Humanities


NEW CAHH Executive Committee elected at Creating Spaces April 27

President: Tom Rosenal
Vice-President (President elect): Sarah de Leeuw
Treasurer: Ayelet Kuper
Secretary/Communications: Brett Schrewe
Thank you to the 10 people who stood for office and congratulations to the new CAHH Executive Committee.

Canadian Association for Health Humanities

In-Person and Online voting for Executive Committee Positions

Elections for the new Executive Committee of the Canadian Association for Health Humanities will be confirmed during the upcoming inaugural special meeting on Friday, April 27, 2018, from 5:15 – 6:00 pm EST at the Creating Space meeting in Halifax.  If you are attending Creating Space, please join us for this very special meeting!

If you are unable to attend the Creating Space meeting, but have been a paid registrant at a previous Creating Space meeting(s), you are Eligible to Vote Online!

To vote online, please click here!

As a check, you will be asked to provide the name of the city and year of at least one Creating Space meeting you have attended (but no other identifying information). Online voting ends on Friday, April 27 at 4:00 pm EST.


PRESIDENT: ACCLAIMEDpending motion at the Special Inaugural Meeting of CAHH/ ACSHS on April 27th

  • Tom Rosenal, MD - University of Calgary; Co-Chair Health Humanities Committee


  • Sarah de Leeuw, PhD - University of Northern British Columbia; Director, Health Arts Research Centre
  • Hartley Jafine, MA - McMaster University; Facilitator, Department of Family Medicine
  • Monica Kidd, MD - University of Calgary; Co-chair, Health Humanities Committee
  • Shane Neilson, MD - University of Guelph; Family Physician
  • Andrea Zumrova, MD - University of Ottawa; Resident (YR1), Department of Family Medicine



  • Ayelet Kuper, MD DPhil - University of Toronto, Scientist & Associate Director (Faculty Affairs), Wilson Centre for Research in Education
  • Andrea Zumrova, MD - University of Ottawa; Family Medicine Resident (YR1)
    (Andrea is also running for Vice President; pleased see her statement under that role)



  • Sarah de Leeuw, PhD - University of Northern British Columbia; Director, Health Arts Research Centre
    (Sarah is also running for Vice President; see her statement under that role)
  • Hartley Jafine, MA - McMaster University; Facilitator, Department of Family Medicine
    (Hartley is also running for Vice President; see his statement under that role)
  • Jan Marta, MD – University of Toronto, Interdisciplinary Researcher
  • Brett Schrewe, MD PhD (C) - University of British Columbia; Consultant General Pediatrician

Full Nominee statements can be viewed at the link below.

CAHH Executive Committee Nominees

Seeking Executive Committee nominations for the new Canadian Association for Health Humanities

The Canadian Association for Health Humanities (, which will be launched at the Creating Spaces Conference in Halifax, April 27-28, 2018, is seeking nominations for the inaugural Executive Committee. Positions include President, Vice President/President-elect, Treasurer, and Secretary/Communications.

This dynamic executive committee will create policies and direction to foster the growth and development of our new national, health humanities organization. A lot has already been accomplished thanks to the diligent work of our colleagues, students and friends. Over 1000 people have attended our annual Creating Space conference since its inception eight years ago. We have funding for three years from Associated Medical Services, which is being used in part for start-up costs, including administrative support. The CAHH website is also operating and a conditional constitution has been posted for members’ review.

Fulfilling the duties of CAHH Executive Committee members will require an estimated five to ten hours per month. Committee members must also attend the CAHH Annual General Meeting during Creating Space, and assist in curating and promoting this conference. The term is three years. For additional details see the position outlines below.

You are eligible to run for the committee if you have registered for at least one of the eight previous Creating Space conferences or are enrolled for the 2018 conference, and if you emphasize the health humanities in your clinical, academic or creative/artistic work. You do not have to attend this year’s Creating Spaces Conference to run for a position. We encourage senior trainees (residents, doctoral students, post-docs) to run for office.

Completed applications must be received by April 25, noon EST.

To put your name forth as a candidate, kindly complete the following form: click here. You will be asked to provide a brief statement of interest and qualifications, to disclose any potential conflict of interest and to identify a “seconder” who supports your nomination. This information will be shared with Creating Space attendees, who comprise the eligible voters this year.

Voting will take place on Friday, April 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm. Members and candidates will be informed of the results by April 28, 2018.

Thank you for your support.

CAHH Nominating Committee
Pamela Brett-Maclean PhD
Barbara Sibbald BJ
Allan Peterkin MD

Available Executive Committee Positions

  • President: assisted by the vice-president and other members of the executive committee, responsibilities include identifying strategic priorities, creating meeting agendas, chairing meetings, appointing committees, representing the association in public and official functions, ensuring the executive committee fulfills its responsibilities, communicating quarterly with members, helping to identify and support the organizers of Creating Space, and setting an example of scholarship, character and service.
  • Vice-President (President-elect): responsibilities include assisting the president in all of her/his duties, performing duties delegated by the president, and setting an example of scholarship, character and service.
  • Treasurer: responsibilities include administering the finances of the association including maintaining complete financial records of all income and expenditures, collecting dues and sending reminders, purchasing items or supplies, recruiting potential donors, presenting an annual financial report, and setting an example of scholarship, character and service.
  • Secretary/Communications: assisted by the CAHH administrator and webmaster, responsibilities include taking and disseminating minutes, maintaining the membership list, answering inquiries, monitoring updates to the website, assisting the president communicate with members, seeking candidates for vacant positions, liaising with ARS MEDICA, the official CAHH journal, and setting an example of scholarship, character and service.)

Note: A governing council will be set up after the executive is in place.

The CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR HEALTH HUMANITIES ( is a learned society based in Canada promoting the development of the medical/health humanities through: an annual conference, council meetings, regional meetings, an associated biannual journal (ARS MEDICA) and a website ( The CAHH promotes understandings of both the human condition and practices of patient care through critical dialogue between medicine/ healthcare across disciplines and the arts/ humanities. It aims to add significant humanistic value to the interdisciplinary cultures of the medical/ health humanities locally, nationally and internationally.

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Canadian Association for Health Humanities!

Version francaise

Over the past few years, there have been increasing calls for a national health humanities association in Canada. This interest has emerged organically from the highly successful, annual Creating Space meetings introduced in 2010 in association with the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME).

The newly-formed Canadian Association for Health Humanities is being introduced to serve and support the ever-growing health humanities community in Canada.

We invite health professions educators, students, practitioners, creative writers and artists, along with scholars across multiple disciplines - whose varying perspectives and creative work encourage a broader, more critical view of health and illness beyond an overriding medicalized framework in support of more humanistic health professions education and practice across Canada and abroad.

CAHH activities, both current and planned, reflect growing interest in the vibrant, ever-evolving field of the health humanities. These activities include:

  • annual Creating Space meetings
  • website platform, listserv, and social media for information sharing and networking
  • association with the journal ARS Medica
  • formal affiliations with other international medical/ health humanities associations
  • other new initiatives, proposed and organized by CAHH members

Next Steps...

Join us at CREATING SPACE, April 27-28, 2018 in Halifax to ratify the CAHH Constitution and to elect the officers of your new Association!


Spirit of the Heart - by Michiko Maruyama, MD
Spirit of the Heart - by Michiko Maruyama, MD

Our Donors and Supporters

We thank Associated Medical Services, Inc. (AMS) and the CCME for their ongoing support of Creating Space, as well as local funders at the hosting medical schools of CCME each year. We also thank AMS for new funding and operational support of the newly formed CAHH.

Through their membership fees, CAHH members also help to support ongoing activities of the association.

We welcome donations to help sustain CAHH, our new national Association, and our literary journal Ars Medica, website and annual conference, Creating Space.

Support CAHH by making a donation. Contact us:

Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer la création de l’association canadienne des sciences humaines et sociales en santé.

Au cours des dernières années, plusieurs ont réclamés la création d’une association nationale visant l’intégration de l’enseignement des sciences humaines et sociales au sein des programmes académiques des sciences de la santé. Cet intérêt a émergé de façon spontanée de l’immense succès remporté par les éditions successives du colloque Creating Space depuis son instauration en 2010. La création de l'Association canadienne des sciences humaines et sociales en santé vise à répondre à cet appel et à desservir cette communauté en pleine croissance au Canada.

L’association accueillie les professionnels de la santé, les enseignants, les étudiants, les cliniciens, les créateurs et les artistes, ainsi que les chercheurs de toutes disciplines.  Elle cherche à soutenir, par la diversité des points de vue et des expériences, l’émergence d’une vision plus large et plus critique de la santé et de la maladie afin de favoriser l’adhésion à un enseignement et à une pratique plus humaniste par les professions de la santé tant au Canada qu’à l’étranger.

Les activités de l’ACSHSS témoignent de cette diversité et comprennent :

  • les rencontres annuelles Creating Space
  • la communication et le réseautage par l’entremise du site web, de la liste de diffusion et des médias sociaux
  • une entente avec la revue spécialisée ARS Medica
  • l’affiliation formelle avec plusieurs autres associations internationales, ainsi que
  • plusieurs initiatives, proposées et organisées par les membres de l’ACSHSS

Prochaines étapes...Joignez-vous à nous au prochain colloque Creating Space, du 27 au 28 avril 2018 à Halifax, pour ratifier la constitution de l’ACSHSS et pour élire les dirigeants de votre nouvelle association!