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We are pleased to announce the formation of the Canadian Association for Health Humanities!

Over the past few years, there have been increasing calls for a national health humanities association in Canada. This interest has emerged organically from the highly successful, annual Creating Space meetings introduced in 2010 in association with the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME).

The newly-formed Canadian Association for Health Humanities is being introduced to serve and support the ever-growing health humanities community in Canada.

We invite health professions educators, students, practitioners, creative writers and artists, along with scholars across multiple disciplines - whose varying perspectives and creative work encourage a broader, more critical view of health and illness beyond an overriding medicalized framework in support of more humanistic health professions education and practice across Canada and abroad.

CAHH activities, both current and planned, reflect growing interest in the vibrant, ever-evolving field of the health humanities. These activities include:

  • annual Creating Space meetings
  • website platform, listserv, and social media for information sharing and networking
  • association with the journal ARS Medica
  • formal affiliations with other international medical/ health humanities associations
  • other new initiatives, proposed and organized by CAHH members

Next Steps...

Join us at CREATING SPACE, April 27-28, 2018 in Halifax to ratify the CAHH Constitution and to elect the officers of your new Association!


Spirit of the Heart - by Michiko Maruyama, MD
Spirit of the Heart - by Michiko Maruyama, MD

Our Donors and Supporters

We thank Associated Medical Services, Inc. (AMS) and the CCME for their ongoing support of Creating Space, as well as local funders at the hosting medical schools of CCME each year. We also thank AMS for new funding and operational support of the newly formed CAHH.

Through their membership fees, CAHH members also help to support ongoing activities of the association.

We welcome donations to help sustain CAHH, our new national Association, and our literary journal Ars Medica, website and annual conference, Creating Space.